The Next Level Health Check App is a custom app designed to allow participants and attendees at HVSA Events to complete the required health questionnaire and to provide the required contact tracing information that are necessary as part of our Return to Play protocols and local field use requirements.

The App is free to use and must be used by all participants and attendees at HVSA events, including opposing teams, referees, and spectators.

The App is available for both iOS and Android via the buttons or QR codes below.



In order to participate in an HVSA event, you must display a Green certificate within the App, confirming that you both: (1) passed the Health Check for that day, and (2) provided the required contact tracing information. Spectators need to complete the questionnaire too (as they must be accounted for in the contact tracing list) and may be asked to display a Green certificate as well. The App handles both of these requirements.

The certificate can either be shown at Check-In on any compatible device that is logged into your account, or you can take a screen shot and either produce the screenshot or send it to your HVSA Travel Team Manager or Rec Team Safety Representative prior to the event.


For instructions on how to use the App, click here.

Check out our FAQs here.


If you are interested in using this App for your organization, please email  .

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