How To Use The Next Level Health Check App

The Next Level Health Check App is intended to have our Rec players and referees submit the Health Questionnaire that is required as part of our Return to Play protocols. The App can be downloaded here. Check out our FAQs here.

In order to utilize the App, you will first need to obtain a "Redeem Code" from your HVSA Rec Team Safety Rep. Once you have received that Code, open the App, and enter the Code in the appropriate box.


On the next page, click "Sign Up" and proceed to the set up your account using your (the adult's) information. You'll add your player and any other family members in the next step. During the Sign Up process you will be setting your password and entering information which will be used, if necessary, for contact tracing purposes, as required by our township and local field and facility owners. We will not be using the contact information for any other purpose or otherwise distributing this information. It is strictly to comply with contact tracing requirements imposed by our field and facility owners.


After completing the Sign Up page, you will be taken to the Users Page. This is where you will add yourself, your player(s), and any other family members who might be spectators or attending/participating in HVSA events. Click the + button in the top right corner of the screen to begin entering users. Doing so will take you to the Add User screen, where you will enter basic information for each individual. If at any time you need to add additional users, click the + button.

If any User is part of multiple organizations that use the Next Level Health Check App, you will need to create separate User profiles for that individual within your Account. This it to ensure that the necessary contact tracing information is sent to that organization on those days where a health questionnaire is completed for that organization's event. To do so, click the + button in the top right corner, and be sure the Role & Organization responses are accurate for that additional organization(s).

Once Users have been entered, you can complete the health questionnaire for them by tapping on their name. If you need to re-do the questionnaire for any User:

  • on iOS devices, swipe left on their listing in the Users list and a Redo button will appear;
  • on Android devices, press and hold on the User's name until it highlights, and then swipe left.

After completing the questionnaire for your player, you will be presented with either a GreenYellow, or Red date-stamped Certificate.

The Green Certificate means the player (or referee) is cleared to attend that day's event. A Red Certificate means the player (or referee) is NOT cleared to attend and should stay home and likely seek the advice of a medical professional.

If a Yellow Certificate is displayed, please contact your Rec team safety rep for further guidance and assistance before bringing your player to the field.‚Äč Please do not wait until the last minute, in case there is a delay in responding. If you arrive at the field with a Yellow Certificate, your player will not be permitted to stay, so it is important that your Rec team safety rep as soon as possible.

The Certificate will be accessible within your Account for the entirety of that calendar day (they expire automatically at midnight). To retrieve a Certificate at any time, simply log into the App and tap on the User's name from within the Users List.

On the day of your Rec practice or game, you'll have a few options. The preferred method is to produce the Green certificate to your coach or safety rep using the App. Alternatively, a screen shot of the date-stamped Green certificate for your player can be displayed. As a last resort, and only with your HVSA Rec Team Safety Rep's prior approval, you can send a screenshot of the Green certificate to them - they MUST give permission for this last option as it does create more work for them to keep track of who sent what.

If you have a Red certificate you should not be attending. If you have a Yellow certificate, you should not attend unless you have communicated with and received clearance from your Rec team safety rep.

A new health questionnaire must be completed for each day where a User is participating in or attending an HVSA event.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that this App is not making any medical diagnosis or rendering any treatment advice. It is simply a tool by which we gather responses to the health questionnaire that is required as part of our Return to Play protocols and to gather information required by the field and facility owners should contact tracing need to be implemented. As always, if you have any concerns about your symptoms or medical condition, or if you are exhibiting any symptoms, you should contact a medical professional. Likewise, if you obtain a Red Certificate, it should never be interpreted as a medical diagnosis but rather it is simply a determination that the responses provided are not consistent with our Return to Play protocols.