Spring 2021 - Player Development Training

Session Schedule
Age Group

April 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26,
June 2, 9

D2 Players

5:00 - 6:15 PM

Independence Park - Upper Field

D3 Players

6:15 - 7:30 PM


Session Topics

April 21

Surfaces – Incorporating all parts of the foot on their own, and then in combination with others

May 19

Turns – Change of direction with the ball to turn away from defender or to face the defender in order to attack them one v one

April 28

Moves – Simple but effective techniques used in attacking one v one situations

May 26

Passing and Receiving  - Basic passing technique combined with use of different surfaces to receive ball

May 5

Speed Dribbling – Combining techniques of Surfaces and Moves at speed

June 2

Ball Striking – Basic ball striking technique

May 12

V’s – Movement of ball in v-shape to change direction or create space in preparation for next movement

June 9

Ball Striking/Shooting – Use of ball striking technique in combination with other ball movements

Player Development Training Objective
To provide weekly individual technical training sessions.

To be conducted by professional trainers training, this program places an emphasis on the development of footskills and using various surfaces of the feet to maintain possession, change directions, evade defenders, etc.


ON THE FIELD, sessions will consist of an active warm-up and technical skills introduction / practice to be followed by a progression of small-sided activities and games designed to encourage the player's application of technical skills.


Players are split up into two age groups D2 players will train together and D3 players will train together to facilitate training in the most age/ability appropriate settings.


Please have players to sessions 5 minutes early for check-in.


Please remember to complete the NextLevel HealthCheck app before arriving to the field, and present your green screen at check-in. If you receive a yellow certificate, please email healthcheck-rec@hvsasoccer.org. If you receive a red certificate, please keep your player home. Please also remember that face masks are required from the car to the field and from the field to the car.


As part of our COVID protocols, parents should not stay to observe sessions. Please return to your car or walk the park trails.


Players need to bring a ball, water, and are required to wear shin guards.


Conditions permitting, all sessions will take place on the Upper Field at Independence Park.