Tryouts - Procedures and Guidelines

I.    HVSA will conduct competitive open tryouts in April
  1. Team tryouts are a function of the Travel Team Selection Committee (TTSC), a committee established by the HVSA Board. Prior to the spring season, the VP Travel, on behalf of the Board, will establish the TTSC. The VP Travel will be responsible for the overview of the Committee and will resolve any appeals from the decisions of that Committee. The purpose of this committee is to administer the travel team tryout & selection process as specified in this document.
  2. Travel tryouts will be held in the spring prior to the soccer year for which a travel team is forming. Should interest arise during the course of seasonal play to form a travel team in an age group where a team does not exist or to add a team in an age group where teams do exist the travel team tryout process will be administered where warranted. 
  3. HVSA will advertise all tryouts to the general public of Hopewell Valley and surrounding communities.
  4. Teams will be formed by birth-year and gender, except as otherwise permitted by the TTSC.
  5. Prior to tryouts each team will have their coaches (and trainers) fill out a player evaluation form provided by the TTSC on each current team member and submit the completed forms to the TTSC before tryouts are held. Because of the sensitive nature of this information complete confidentiality is expected.
II.     Travel Team Tryout Process
  1. HVSA will run all travel team tryouts and attempt to form as many competitive teams as possible in each age group.
  2. Players must participate in tryouts to be eligible for a team. Special accommodation may be made for potential players with prior notification to the TTSC because of conflicts with the tryout schedule.
  3. Potential players must register online and agree to the liability release, at which time parents will be able to indicate the desire to volunteer as a coach or manager and other  positions.
  4. During tryouts players will be ranked based on the four components of soccer: technical, tactical, physical & psychological.
  5. Tryout Session Procedure
    1. The TTSC will establish the tryout schedule for all age groups.
    2. Players will not wear team uniforms or other club apparel to tryouts.
    3. Potential players will be provided numbers to correspond with the evaluation report.
    4. Tryouts will be conducted by unbiased, qualified evaluators, chosen by the TTSC and may not be parents of potential players.  It is the responsibility of these evaluators to run the tryout and complete a tryout evaluation report for the age group as provided by the TTSC. Each current team is encouraged to have their trainer/coach present at the tryout to complete a tryout evaluation report to be used during the team selection process.
    5. The tryout evaluators will engage the potential players in a series of exercises and/or short sided game situations to create an opportunity to evaluate each player.
    6. Following the tryout sessions the TTSC will gather all completed evaluation reports and player registration forms.
F.      Team Selection
  1. The TTSC will meet with the existing coaches and trainers in each age group to form a player ranking from 1 through how ever many potential players there are based on the tryout evaluation reports and the player evaluation forms provided by each team prior to the tryouts.
  2. Once the ranking of the potential players is completed the TTSC will select a manager and coach for each team by looking at potential candidates as indicated on the tryout registration forms. It is expected that coaches and managers in good standing with HVSA will continue in their previous capacity provided their child, based on the rankings, makes that particular team.
  3. Offers will be extended to potential players based on the rankings by the TTSC.  As many teams as possible will be formed from the pool of potential players that were present during the tryout process. Because of the sensitive nature of this information complete confidentiality is expected. Players will have a reasonable amount of time to reply to an offer to play on a team. A player has the option to decline an offer in favor of playing on a lower team. At no point are any coaches, trainers, managers or parents permitted to approach other potential players in an effort to circumvent or manipulate this process to create competitive teams. All registered tryout participants must be contacted and notified of the results. Those that do not make a travel team are encouraged to participate in the HVSA recreational program.
  4. After the team selection process is complete and teams have been formed any additions must be approved by the TTSC.
III.      Team Organization Notes
A.      New Teams
  1. In organizing a team all teams will follow all NJYS rules, and the rules of the league in which the team will participate.
  2. Coach & Manager Selection - The TTSC will choose a qualified coach and manager for the team based on experience and knowledge of the game of soccer. In the event that there is no one on the team that is interested or qualified to coach the team, the Manager of Team Development will help the team find a paid trainer to perform the training and coaching of the team. The cost of the trainer would be the responsibility of the team and not HVSA.
  3. Initial Team Meeting - The purpose of the meeting is to formalize the formation of the team and to seek volunteers to fill other team positions.  Team positions needed could include but are not limited to:
·         Treasurer - Manages team funds, sets budget, collects fees, pays referees etc.
·         Field Person - Lines fields and acts as field coordinator between team and HVSA.
·         Tournament Representative - Acts as liaison between team and HVSA Tournament Committee.
·         Public Relations - Writes game coverage and distributes to local paper.
·         Registrar - Manages NJYS carding process for team.
B.      On an annual basis, or upon any change, the team must advise the TTSC of the names and contact numbers for the following positions:
  1. Coach - annual approval by TTSC and HVSA VP of Travel
  2. Manager - annual approval by TTSC and HVSA VP of Travel
  3. Treasurer - annual approval by TTSC and HVSA Treasurer
  4. Field Person
  5. Tournament Representative
  6. SAGE Representative
IV.    Player Eligibility
A.      The Travel programs are open to all persons of the correct age per NJYS guidelines.
B.      Travel teams are allowed to include players outside of Hopewell Valley with the approval of the Travel Team Selection Committee (TTSC), which occurs during the team formation meetings.
V.      Age Assignment
A.      Maximum age for travel teams shall be as determined by NJ Youth Soccer (NJYS) guidelines.
B.      Travel Players will be permitted to "play up" one age group and as outlined below:
  1. When the appropriate age group team does not exist.
  2. As specifically approved by the Travel Team Selection Committee.
  3. Players U-15 and above will not be restricted.
Alternate Procedures: The Travel Team Manager Coordinator shall review any alternative procedures to the above, and present them to the TTSC for approval as necessary.