How to Register a Non-Volunteer Coach with New Jersey Youth Soccer


 State Procedure

NJYS policies and rules governing paid team coaches and trainers are different from rules governing volunteer coaches. The state refers to them as "nonvolunteers" and has advised that they are not covered by NJYS-provided accident/medical or liability insurance. A paid coach or trainer must provide NJYS with either a certificate of insurance including NJYS as an added insured or must pay a fee of $200.00 to be covered by NJYS liability insurance.


Furthermore, paid trainers/coaches cannot be "carded to a team" by the District Commissioners. Only the state office may issue coaches' passes to paid trainers and coaches. Once such a coach receives his or her state office-issued card, an appropriate District Commissioner can add the coach to the roster of a team or teams.


Finally, Clubs should be diligent in ensuring that any coach or trainer working with their teams register properly. Any non-volunteer trying to register as a volunteer coach to avoid the insurance requirements will jeopardize that coach's insurance coverage and could jeopardize the Club's coverage as well. Clubs using paid trainers/coaches should also consider having the insurance provided by the trainers/coaches include the Clubs as additional insureds as well.


The procedure for obtaining a nonvolunteer pass has changed (Fall 2008). Nonvolunteer coaches will obtain a package of material from the NJYS office that will contain the nonvolunteer membership form, a KidSafe/Background Check authorization, and a sticker for the coach's signature. The applicant also will need to submit a copy of a photo id (e.g. drivers license), proof of some coaching education (e.g. an "F" license certificate), and two photos. Completed material will be mailed to the NJYS office; the coach no longer has to physically come to the NJYS office. NJYS will perform a background check and, if no problems are found, the non-volunteer pass will be processed and laminated. The completed pass will be mailed to the coach.


The address of NJYS is: New Jersey Youth Soccer, 569 Abbington Drive, Suite C, East Windsor, NJ 08520. 

 Rostering Procedure

When including a non-volunteer coach on the original roster, the DC will need:
  • A copy of the front and back of the State non-volunteer pass
  • A completed SAGE form (for MNJYSA only)


Note that if there is no volunteer (parent) coach, the non-volunteer coach must be included on the original roster.

To roster the non-volunteer coach after initial rostering, the DC will need:

  • A copy of the front and back of the State non-volunteer pass
  • A completed SAGE form (MNJYSA only)