Notification Help: Signing Up For Club and Team Notifications
You Can Get to this Screen by Clicking EDIT MY ACCOUNT (in Left Menu at Bottom)
**Some email providers may filter club emails to Junk email folders, so please make sure to take a look in there and then set club and team emails as non-Junk items.
  • To get to the screen at the left, click on MY HVSA ACCOUNT (in the column to the left)
  • #1 - NO EMAIL: Make sure this is unchecked so that you will receive club email blasts, including our newsletters and special events.
  • #2 - EMAIL ADDRESS: Make sure that you include at least one valid email address. You may provide several, but you have to separate each one with a comma. Each parent should note their own email addresses under their own registration and kids with email addresses should do the same.
  • #3 - CELL PHONE: If you would like to receive text notifications of schedule changes make sure that you provide your correct cell phone number as well as your carrier. You will receive reminders of games and practices to your cell phone as well as last-minute cancellation notices!! Please opt in for these if you can receive text messages as it will make organization and late communications much easier for yourself and your kids' coaches.
  • #4 - EMAIL REMINDERS OF: Make sure to check GAMES and PRACTICES so that you will receive email and text (see also #3) reminders of your kids events. This is a GREAT feature if you have multiple kids on multiple teams. Let this system help to organize your family.
  • #5 - VISIBILITY: These drop down lists include the options of PRIVATEROSTER, and PUBLIC. These choices allow you to control what information is shared with whom on the site.
    • PRIVATE: No one but club administrators can see your information
    • ROSTER: Information will be shared on the team roster according to the viewing policy (password protected) for that team. In general, our club will password protect our rosters to protect your information.
    • PUBLIC: Your information would be available to the general public on rosters (as well as the team's home page and contacts page for coaches). Team rosters should not be set to PUBLIC.

*To facilitate communication within the club and for other clubs, coaches may choose to make an email and cell phone PUBLIC, but all other information including home address is probably best left off of the internet and ROSTER (or PRIVATE) should be selected. Likewise, for parents, we are suggesting that you select ROSTER so that other parents on your kids' teams can see the information you want them to, but not the public. You may also choose PRIVATE to hide certain info from the ROSTER. ROSTER information is password protected and the passwords will be made available to all members of the team. 

**Thanks and Credit to Rick Darrell of Wethersfield Soccer Club who created the information on this page.