Manager’s Guide to using the HVSA Website

Our web site is a customized version of a very well developed, commercial sports program web site management and hosting service provided by LeagueAthletics.com LLC. This provides the basic structure and functionality for our site and allows us to customize its appearance and content.

The functionality available on the site should allow you to use this as the sole communication and management resource for your respective teams -- maintaining schedules/locations, maintaining member/player contact information, posting bulletins, documents, and pictures to your team site, and most importantly – a single point for email communication with your team.

Secure Access

     We’ve set up password access for you. While you won’t have access to all functions of the web site, we think we’ve given you access to everything you need for team management. If you discover that there’s something missing or think you should be able to do something you can’t or don’t have access to, please let us know.

  • Access the site, and the user name/email field in the top right corner.
  • Enter your email address and password that you used when you created your HVSA account.

     You are now in the Admin section of the site. There is a set of online site documentation and help available under the Support tab section. I’m not going to duplicate all the detail found there, but will give you some basic information and pointers to get you going in the 2 main areas you’ll be working on – members and schedules.



A note about passwords . . . there are several types of passwords in use on the web site:

• Admin passwords: these are passwords set up to provide privileged access to administrative areas of the web site. These are only used to log in to the Admin section.  As a Team Manager, you have limited Admin access using your personal email address and password.

• Team passwords: each team has a unique password that allows players and parents to access certain information about their team that is privacy-sensitive and hidden from the general public – Roster detail, documents, etc. As Team Manager, you can select your Team-specific password.  Once you've selected a team password, send an email to with the password and we will add it to the system and assign that password to your team.

• Member password: each member record has a unique password associated with their email address, allowing individuals to edit and maintain their own information (Click on My HVSA Account under the "HVSA" Tab or on the homepage). The prompt for this will always ask for both your email address and a password.

• Document/Page password: certain web pages or documents that have been uploaded to the website require a password to be able to view or download them.  When that situation arises, the passwords will be set by the webmaster and a request can be sent to .  In other instances, you will be notified of the necessary password and the class of users to whom you can distribute the password (managers, parents, etc.)

Email / Bulletins

     You have the ability to communicate with your team either “passively” or “actively”. Posting Bulletins, documents or other information on the web site is passive communication - your players and parents go to the web site to view and retrieve information if/when they want to. Sending email from the web site is active communication – the information comes to your players and parents via email or, if they’ve opted-in, via text message to their cell phone.


To post a bulletin (with/without also sending an email), either click on the Add Mesage button on the News page of your Team's page, or the Team Bulletin tabs under Messaging or Teams on the Admin page.  Please note that Bulletins are public and can be seen by anyone viewing your team's website.

• fill in your name (or HVSA in the Author: field (I use HVSA  teamname – ex: HVSA Hurricanes),

• fill in your email address in the Respond To: field (any send errors will be returned to this address, as well as a confirmation message).

• the “Publish On” and “Expires After” fields are automatically completed (publish today, expires after 2 weeks). You can change these if you wish – especially the “Expires After” date. Leaving this field blank allows the bulletin to remain published (visible to viewers) indefinitely.

• enter a Title,

• the Background, Text & Link fields can be left blank unless you want to customize the colors for those portions of your message

• then enter the body/text of the message. You can either type the message directly into the box, or if you’ve created it elsewhere (e.g. Microsoft Word), you can select and copy, then paste it here. If you're using Word as your editor, use the Word Paste Icon (a W on a clipboard) to paste – it opens a window, then place your cursor in the window and hit CTRL-V to paste.

• You can post a picture and caption if you wish.

• Select the season (defaults to current season)

• Select the team or teams (which will determine the team page(s) the bulletin gets posted to)

• To also Email this bulletin, click on the Email Broadcast check box – Parents and Team

• Members are checked by default. The Text Messages box is not – you should not normally check this unless your bulletin is urgent AND very short (under 150 characters).

• Click on Submit.


Sending an email directly (instead of broadcasting a bulletin) is covered in the Members section below.



     In this area, you’ll be able to: 

  • Query and generate a list of members on your team
  • Email selected members
  • Download information (for import to Excel or other program)


From the “Administrative Features” Menu (you get there by clicking on the Admin link in the top right corner of the screen, next to your name), click on “Email Members” in the “Members” section.

For Report Type, you have several options:

  • Send Email sends just an email to your intended recipients
  • Send Email & Text Message send your message, verbatim, as both an email and a text message to your members.  Only those who have opted-in to receive text messages will receive the text message.  Also remember, each text message is limited to 160 characters so if your message is longer, recipients will receive multiple text messages, which may cost them money if they do not have an unlimited plan, so use this option only when necessary.
  • Send Text Message sends your message only as a text message - subject to the same caveats above.

You can use the option fields below "Report Type" if you need to more narrowly tailor your audience.  You will also have an option to select/deselect intended recipients prior to actually sending the message (discussed below).

In the "Positions" field, select your target audience -- selecting nothing will send it to everyone (Players, if they have their own email address in the system, and Parents) (You can use the CTRL key to select multiple items under Positions).

The "Assigned to Teams" field will default to your team.  If you manage multiple HVSA teams, you will need to select your intended team.

Then click "FIND MEMBERS" at the bottom of the screen and on the next page you will compose your message:

• The From: field and Reply To: field will default to your information.  You can change this if you want.

• you can edit the list of email/SMS addresses in the To: field, add addresses to the "Add Addresses" field.

• enter a subject,

• There is also an "attachment" function, if you need to attach a document or photo, etc. to your email

• I'd recommend leaving the Insert Data Fields drop down as is

• then enter the body/text of the message. This is a WYSIWYG editor so you can customize your message with font colors, highlighting, emoticons, images, etc. You can either type the message directly into the box, or if you’ve created it elsewhere (e.g. Microsoft Word), you can select and copy, then paste it here. If you're using Word as your editor, use the Word Paste Icon (a W on a clipboard) to paste – it opens a window, then place your cursor in the window and hit CTRL-V to paste.

Click "Send" when your message is ready to be sent. The "Request Read Receipts" check box will include links at the bottom of your email that will allow your recipients to acknowledge when they have read your message and a notification will be sent to you each time someone clicks on that link.

: These messages get sent individually to each recipient by the system (so it looks like they’re the only one getting the message)



     In this area (menu tabs under Scheduling: to the left, as well as existing entries under each Team’s Schedule, and the Master Schedule or Events Calendar on the Home page), you’ll be able to:

• Add a new practice
• Edit existing practices or events



The definitive place to verify cross-team and shared-facility scheduling is the Master Calendar tab under Scheduling: on the Admin page.  Click on any date to bring up a detailed week-view. You can also add new practices from this view.  To edit practices, you will need to go to your team-specific schedule page under the Teams tab of our website.

Add a new practice [to enter/change game details, email Missy Cappucci   for HOME games or Rob Marino for AWAY games]

Either from the Admin section (Admin tab at top), Click on Add Game or Practice under Scheduling, OR, on your Team's Schedule page, Click on the Options button at the top and then select "Add New Event", OR from the Master Calendar, click "Add Game/Event":

  • Enter the date and (if you know them) the start and end times (or check TBD for an untimed entry).
  • Select the Location from the drop-down menu.  Most of our home fields/locations will appear toward the top of the list.  All other locations are listed alphabetically by town name
  • From the Status drop down you can selected Confirmed or Cancelled if you want (and appropriate), or feel free to leave it as defaulted "N/A"
  • Leave the ID field blank
  • Make sure the Season field is on the current Travel Season
  • Enter your team in the top "Teams" drop down
  • Leave the Opponent field, the Outside Opponent, & the Define Other fields as they default
  • In the Event Note you can enter a note that will appear on your team's calendar/schedule
  • From the "Send Notices to" section you have 3 options:
    • Team Managers will send an instant notification by email and if opted SMS to the team's manager and coach(es)
    • Team Members and their parents will send an instant notification by email and if opted SMS to your team members
    • Always make sure the Officials box is unchecked.

My recommendation is that you leave these boxes UNCHECKED unless it's an urgent message.  You can enter everything in and then just send a single email to your team telling them that schedule updates have been posted, or just "train" everyone to get in the habit of checking the website regularly -- it all depends on how much hand-holding you want or need to do.  Part of the benefit of this system is to eliminate the hand-holding! They can also auto-sync your team schedule to their smartphone or computer.


Edit an existing practice

Go to your team's schedule page (via the Teams tab at top).  To the right of each event are 3 buttons, an Edit button (yellow box), an Attendance button (white box, thumb up) and a Delete button (red box, trash can).

• Click on the Edit button to change the details of the event.  All steps were as when you added the event.

• Click on the Attendance button to see who has RSVP'd for the event and you can send reminders to those who haven't yet responded.
Click on the Delete button to cancel the event and remove it from your schedule.  When you hit the Delete button you will be given a pop-up to confirm that you want to delete and to select whether you want to send instant notification by email and if opted SMS to the selected audience(s).

NOTE: If you Delete an event, all traces of it will be removed from your schedule.  Sometimes the better option is to go into "Edit" and choose "Cancelled" from the Status drop down.  That will leave the event on your schedule with a red line thru it.  That way parents can see that it was cancelled and they're not just imagining things.




Results Reporting:

Click on the Enter Game Results tab on the Admin page in the Teams section or on your Team's page.
  • Click on the Yellow box with the pencil icon to enter game results and any additional write-up/commentary. This information is viewable by the public.
  • Click on the White graph icon to enter individual player statistics for that game. This information can only be viewed by team members who are logged in.

Note: This does NOT replace the requirement that you report your scores as required by your league.  This is only for internal records and posting on our website.

Upload Document:

This feature will allow you to upload a document from your computer to your team’s page. This is can be used to post any document that you would like only your team to have online access to. Your team's document access page is password protected (using the team password discussed above).

• First, make sure you are signed in as manager/admin
• Select "Admin" from the menu tabs at the top of the page
• Select "Documents" from the menu pages at the left of the screen
• Enter the name of document as you would like it appear on website
• Type a brief description of the document
• Select "Browse" to locate the document file on your computer.
• Make sure your team is selected under the "Available To" list
• Click "Submit" to confirm upload of your document to your team's 
document page.

Upload Photos:

This feature will allow you to upload a photograph from your computer to the "Pictures" section on your team's page. This can be used for game, team or any other photo you would like your team to have access to.

• First, make sure you are signed in as manager/admin
• Select "Admin" from the menu tabs at the top of the page
• Select "Pictures" from the menu at the left of the screen
• Enter a brief description/caption for the photo
• Use "Browse" to locate the image file to upload on your computer
• Click "Submit" to confirm photo upload.